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Assembly Instructions for Glass Capsule Retainers in Coin Album

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Step 1: Photo of the two clear retainer pieces. Decide which coin page and page sleeve you would like to place your glass-encapsulated coins in. For each page that will contain these coins you will need one pair of retainers.

Step 1: Slide one retainer into one of the album page sleeves with the beveled (angled) edges facing downward. Slide it in just far enough to keep it in place (about 1/2 inch).

Step 2: Insert any Airtite-encapsulated coins in the page first. Insert this page into the album page sleeve on top of the retainer that is already partially inserted. Slide it in just far enough to hold it in place.

Step 3: Place the glass-encapsulated coins into the desired holes in the album page.

Step 4: The trickiest part - Slide the other retainer on top of the album page into the page sleeve, one corner at a time. Make sure the beveled (angled) edges are upwards. This step takes patience but it can eventually be worked in to the page sleeve.

Step 5: Now with the two retainers and the album page in position, slowly slide all three pieces at the same time all the way into the album page sleeve.

Front view of completed assembly. Be careful when turning this page or when removing the retainers so as not to crack or break the glass capsules.

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