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Shipping Options:

Normal first-class airmail shipping within the USA by U.S. Postal service is a flat $3.50 per order. If you wish for this shipping service you do not need to do anything more before you checkout - the $3.50 will be automatically added to your order after you checkout.

However, if you wish additional services such as priority mail, registered mail, insured mail or any international shipping, see the list below to select the shipping service(s) you desire. (For descriptions of shipping services by the US Postal Service, see:

You will be charged $3.50 for shipping PLUS:

International Air Mail: $1.00 (obtain shipping quote by email from us first - see below - then enter quantity in shopping cart to equal quote)

USE FOR: International shipments other than Global Priority or Registered Mail.

Registered Mail: $10.00

USE FOR: International shipments of high value ($100 or more). Registered packages shipped internationally have a very high level of security against lost packages and should be used as additional protection for high-value packages.

Domestic (USA) Priority Mail: $4.00

Insurance up to $50.00: $1.30

Insurance up to $100.00: $2.20

Insurance up to $200.00: $3.20

Insurance up to $300.00: $4.20

Insurance up to $400.00: $5.20

Insurance higher than $400: Email us (see below)

Miscellaneous Payments (use only if directed): $0.01

Miscellaneous Payments (use only if directed): $1.00

For other shipping services not listed, and to get a quote for international shipping, email us at: