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Non-Refundable Items - Precious Metals

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Please read before ordering an item that is indicated as being "NON-REFUNDABLE":

The more expensive precious-metal items on this website are offered on condition that in most cases, once you make a purchase it is not fully refundable. The reason is that the value of these pieces can change on a daily/weekly basis if the market price for the metal changes. If you place an order for these items and still want to cancel, a refund can be granted under certain conditions:

- The market price for the metal remains unchanged or goes up;

- We inform you that the item is out of stock and has a leadtime of over 2 weeks. In this case, you will have 24 hours after we inform you to cancel the order for a full refund of that item;

- If the market price for the metal has gone down since the time of purchase and you still would like to cancel, a partial refund can be issued and the order canceled.

In any case if you still want to cancel an order for these type of items, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please understand these conditions before ordering.

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