We found this very convenient, attractive, compact album in our search for an album to offer to our Element Coin Series collectors. The album measures 6 inches high, 6 1/2 inches long and 2 inches thick. It has 6 pages, each page holding up to 9 coins in Air-tites, the standard size that we supply with our Element Series coins. (Click on any photo for a larger image).

Coin Album Shown with Coins Inserted (Coins not included with Album Purchase)

Each page is a black insert, velvet coated on one side and vinyl on the other. The Air-tites snap into the holes in the insert and the insert can then be slid into the clear plastic pages that are attached to the album. All total the album can accommodate 54 coins, 9 to a page, 6 pages total.

Example of Coin Album Page Shown with Coins Inserted

The album comes with a slip cover for dust-free, convenient storage. The album itself is made of black vinyl plastic. To house your current Element Series coin collection in this album, you would need to purchase some additional Air-tite containers which we sell on our main coin page. Also, if you wish to house any glass-encapsulated coins, you would need to purchase the Glass Capsule Retainer accessory offered on the main page.

View of Opened Album

Coin Album and Slip Cover

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